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Amadea BioPack greatly reduces the time needed for the development phase of an analysis. Typically, substantial time is saved (5- to 30-fold) in comparison to classical programming languages (SQL, PERL or others).

Based on Data Morphing, a technology developed by ISoft, Amadea BioPack is designed to process very large volumes of data (hundreds of millions of rows) very quickly. It has its own cache memory management mechanism, which optimizes the use of the machine memory according to available resources. The software easily adapts to available resources, thus providing a simple and evolutive solution.

For instance, retrieving all ESTs for which 3' and 5' extremities are available in public databases, will identify 500 000 sequences from the 5 000 000 EMBL entries, expressed in Amadea BioPack with 5 operators, requiring only a few minutes to be developed and 5 minutes to execute on a PC.

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