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AMADEA is the first data transformation tool based on Data Morphing.

AMADEA is a Real Time Business Intelligence platform. AMADEA revolutionizes the traditional data management approach by bringing the necessary flexibility and adaptability to create an efficient Business Intelligence Information System.

AMADEA relies on the DATA MORPHING concept to transform in Real Time huge volume of raw and heterogeneous data into information, elaborate and feed data warehouses, create dynamic and parametrable data marts, sophisticated business indicators and reports by using users' knowledge.

AMADEA brings an answer to the need for flexibility and productivity encoutered by Information System migration projects or CRM, ERP, BPM, BI application integration.

Activity fields
> Marketing : Data mart feeds, control panels, business indicators and reports production
> CRM : creation of multi-channel indicators i.e., production data, business data, Call Center data, e-mailer data, marketing operations, Web log files...
> Industry : Data transformation, feed, load and reporting
> Health : Patient data transformation to build medical/economical indicators, medical practices study, pharmacovigilance study…
> Finance : Building of documented transformation processes producing reports: audit trail for Basel II projects by example.



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> Traceability
> Permanent data access
Processing speed and interactivity
> NO programming



> NO programming
> Usage as early as the conception phase
> Real Time Processing



> Manage big data volume
> Error recovery

> Easy implementation
> Productivity gain
> Integrated Reporting


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