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From verification of data quality to its transformation and statistical analysis, ISoft answers all your needs.


Data Management Platform for real time data integration and transformation based on Data Morphing, Amadea has revolutionized traditional approaches to data transformation (ETL) by bringing the flexibility and adaptability necessary for an efficient Decisional Information System.


Alice d'ISoft is an interactive data mining solution based on decision trees. From scoring to the generation of reports, clustering on the way, the inviting interface of Alice d'ISoft addresses trade users who would like the advantages of a suite of functions that includes a complete cycle of data mining.

Real time database selection, counting and strategy.

Statistical Analysis and datamining platform industrializing the creation of studies and statistical models.


Based on an innovative concept of interactivity, Fraud Manager d'ISoft is the first fraud fighting solution offering the professional user all the indispensable elements for risk control. This intelligent solution for fraud protection is a proactive shield against all fraud attacks.

First fraud fighting interactive solution dedicted to e-commerce.


Marketing portal for customer knowledge and animation to ncrease cross channel customer and products strategies pertinence. It covers marketing and commerce needs.






ISoft organises training specifically dedicated to the methodolgy and use of its solutions. The mission of our teams is to transmit their know-how to you and teach you their methods to resolve your issues as effectively as possible.

ISoft organises training sessions in :

> Data Mining
> Data quality
> ...


Follow up

ISoft product support will accompany you the length of your project and you will benefit from the acquired experience of almost twenty years in the optimum handling of data.




ISoft participated to the GB-3G research project of the French ANR (National Research Agency) that aimed to decipher the biology of genomes, in an entire eukaryote clade, both at the inter and intra species, through a unique combination of Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics and Population Genomics, based on data from NGS technologies.

IntegraTCell Project

ISoft participated to the french ANR (National Research Agency) research project called "IntegraTCell", aiming to analyze and modelize some steps involved in the specificity of lymphocytes.
In the frame of this project, Amadea Biopack has been used to analyze chIP on chip and transcriptome data, in relation with numerous databases concerning regulatory elements, genome annotations, pathways, ...
Other IntegraTCell partners:
> CIML (Centre d'Immunologie Marseille-Luminy)
> CPT (Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseille)
> TAGC (Technologie avancée pour le Génome et la Clinique)



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