ISoft announces AMADEA V6 or Data Morphing at the service of decision-making information technology

September 2009 - CNIT Paris La Défense

ISoft presents Amadea V6, a new major version of its platform for database integration and real time transformation based on Data Morphing.

Interactive and without programing, Amadea is the only data management tool accessible to business users and compatible with the needs of reactivity of decision-making.

Based on "Data  Morphing", an innovative technonolgy, the business user (without computer skills) has a solution which allows him to interactively transform very large volumes of heterogenous and complex data into information by a succession of elementary operations, with immediate access to all intermediate results.

Amadea is a productivity tool, which makes easier the creation and production of complex chains of data treatment by using its "defined is done" concept, and the power of its calculation engine.

Amadea v6 reinforces its original positioning and is once again the only true productivity tool.

Main innovations of Amadea V6

Enhanced productivity  : Many ergonomic and functional improvements have been made.

  • Simplified operators configuration
  • New properties added to existing operators and new functions (about thirty) allow to simplify the expression of Amadea processes.

Collaborative work and documentation

  • The concept of project models has been introduced and styles are now available for all the documentation objects. Amadea projects are more readable and collaborative work is improved by simplifying and harmonizing their documentation.
  • Automatic documentation of Amadea Projects is now available in HTML and PDF format.

Performance improvement : This new version brings performance improvement thanks to:

  • new algorithms using recent evolutions of hardware architectures
  • the use of meta-data inside the calculation engine

Many other functional improvements :

  • Unicode Support : Amadea V6 natively supports Unicode and makes easier international data management.
  • Native support of hierarchical compressed files.
  • Web Services : Web service interfacing has changed. An Amadea process can now interface with all kinds of Web services in a generic way.

Easy Deployment : Amadea client can be deployed automatically from the server.


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